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Kamoga Hassan is the founder of the Queer Kampala International Film Festival (QUEERKIFF), the first and only LGBTIQ festival in Uganda, where homosexuality is illegal. Kamoga is a human rights activist and he is passionate about making a difference in a country where people can be driven out of their homes, arrested or even killed for their sexuality. Kamoga talks about his life as a gay man in Uganda and the way that he uses film to tackle social justice issues and raise awareness in the hope of changing hearts, minds and laws in his home country. He talks about how unique the film festival is and the extra security measures required to run this underground festival in Uganda. Kamoga also shares some personal stories about his life in a country where being gay is not accepted. QUEERKIFF runs from the 8th to the 10th of December, 2017 with over 30 LGBTIQ themed films screening this year.